Our website design process will be much better, slimmer and sharper than previous versions you have dealt with. It will be built and marketed with a user-friendly platform with the most advanced technology available.  

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Our website products will be sharper and easier to use. If you have had a hard time with  previous versions you have worked with in the past. Order today! We have a custom website and marketing plan for everyone. If you have advanced computer skills or can barely type, we have a structured development plan for you!

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We will spend time understanding what your vision is and the complete structure of your existing or future company. Our development team spends hours researching and discussing the creation of the perfect model and plan for you.

More About Us!

Second Chance Marketing was created and established in 2013 and has been helping small business owners and startups design, market and automate new and preexisting systems.

Our mission statement is to provide the best possible service and the most up to date software and marketing techniques available on the market.

Our work is geared to help small startup companies grow at a low affordable marketing cost and to reduce pre-existing cost by incorporating automation into each step of development.

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Second Chance Marketing is centered on internet marketing and business development. We provide website design, social media marketing, S.E.O. optimization, email marketing, live chat management, copywriting, content management and project management.

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Bobby Lall, Verified Buyer

Stana Bass, Verified Buyer

"Absolutely love this product. It's exactly what I needed and wanted it to be. I've referred so many of my friends to this amazing product!"

Sara Swanson, Verified Buyer

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"So happy I went with Second Chance Marketing. I had a gorgeous website designed in just two weeks. I highly recommend using their services!"

"I used them to build and market my cleaning company. SCMA  delivered the perfect website and helped me start profiting over $10,000 a month!"

We Support You


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The Website Builder

  • The Website Builder
  • Market Research.
  • Advanced Automation & Design 
  • Social Media Creation and Marketing
  • Analytics Campaign
  • S.E.O Campaign 


We can custom design a package for anything you need!

Marketing Shark

  • Full Website Design
  • Lead Generating Platform with Software.
  • Live Chat and API Integration 
  • Software & System Coaching.
  • S.E.O. Set Up


  • The Website Builder
  • We Support You
  • Full Marketing & S.E.O campaign 
  • Social Media Campaign
  • E-Book & Blog Creation
  • Explainer Video Creation 
  • 40 hours of support 




- We’re experts, experienced in every aspect of an online business!

- Our reputation means everything to us and we make sure to leave every customer happy and ready to make thousands of dollars!


- We've supported thousands of clients who had small dollar budgets and delivered top dollar work.

- Unlike most website design companies we go past the development and make sure your site makes money!

- Everything we set up is always in your control.

- Our support services don't cost you anything after the job is finished!

- We have packages starting at $1,397!

- Our top package with all the bells and whistles and everything you could ask for is only $4,497


We’re more than just website designers:

1. We're Global - We work with clients and support teams accross the United States and into other countries. Our growth is a result of helping entrepreneurs.

2. Business & Marketing Support – services that support your business goals and marketing goals at a fraction of the cost.

3. Network Building – Our networking programs build your network and social media visibility.

4. Cost Management – We deliver value. We'll do all the development and marketing saving you time and money. 

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